Welcome to sparklystar.

I'm Amy. I'm starting a new job as a graphic designer with HNTB in Arlington,
VA (right outside Washington, DC) on June 6th. I have a place to live but need
a roommate to share the rent or I'll soon be evicted. Must be clean and not smoke, and must pay rent on time. And you must like my furniture, because I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon. Rent is v. cheap for the area. Email me: amy@sparklystar.com.

The site is still under construction. I've been busy. I'll be putting up a portfolio of my work as soon as I can, but for now, you can click on the 'portfolio' link to download a PDF file of work samples.

Live with me. I have a new vacuum
cleaner and I'll share it with you, if
you promise to be careful with it.